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Transition to Veganism: Day 61

March 12, 2016 | Leave a Comment!

Breakfast today was a scrambled egg and avocado sandwich. I know, eggs? Yeah, just felt like it this morning. Lunch was nothing, dinner was noodles and plantains, then fried mushrooms and okra. Weird, lol…

Transition to Veganism: Day 60

March 11, 2016 | Leave a Comment!

2 months in!! Breakfast today was a muffin made with plantains, fancy huh? Lunch was guacamole with tomatoes and onions. Dinner was mushroom tacos and 2 gin and tonics! 2 month review coming up…

Transition to Veganism: Day 59

March 10, 2016 | Leave a Comment!

Breakfast today was apple cinnamon oatmeal, lunch was mushroom tacos, but I didn’t eat all of it, kept getting interrupted. Dinner was tofu pad thai. I had a Chlorella tablet, added some Chia seeds to my water, I like the … For directions & more, keep reading!

Transition to Veganism: Day 58

March 9, 2016 | Leave a Comment!

Had a better day today, had peanut butter cookies for breakfast with tea. Don’t judge! Lunch was mushroom tacos with plantains and dinner was a mushroom salad with romaine and arugula. :)

Transition to Veganism: Day 57

March 8, 2016 | Leave a Comment!

Ahh, I’m in such a weird place; trying to do one too many things at the same time. I want to stop eating processed foods (in a wrapper, can, jar, none of it). I want to eat raw for a … For directions & more, keep reading!

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