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My Week In Food, Vol. #002

November 11, 2012 | 6 Comments

My Week In Food is a series that will showcase some or all of the food I cooked and/or ate throughout the week. You’re welcome to submit your week in food photos as well, just email them to submit@avartsycooking.com

Rice, liver & onions! — I cooked the rice in turkey stock from boiling turkey drumsticks. I also had leftover sauteed onions, which I added to the top of the cooked rice. I chopped/diced some leftover liver into the rice whilst it was cooking. I love the texture and sweetness the onions added to the rice.

rice, liver, onions

Turkey Stew! — Used turkey drumsticks, boiled and then baked it. I also blended the peppers into a chunkier texture, not as smooth as normal. Delish!nigerian turkey stew

Leftover Liver — Can’t eat too much liver in one week! Froze the rest after wrapping in foil. Will probably use it in some rice dish, again. I couldn’t really think of anything else to make with leftover liver, ideas?

leftover liver

Baked Turkey Burgers! — I got a pack of 4 ground/minced turkey breasts from Whole Foods; they were pre-shaped into patties (flat, round burger shape). I seasoned the turkey with some fresh garlic and ginger, all purpose seasoning, yellow onions and ground red pepper, re-shaped and baked them. Hallelujah- these were good!

baked turkey burgers

Turkey Burger On Sandwich Flat — I like my turkey burgers plain, with just a bit of mustard. I used an organic multigrain sandwich bread.

turkey burger on flat

Yes, I love turkey! I actually don’t buy chicken anymore, but I will eat chicken outside, weird, I know, whatever! One thing about me that you’ll learn from the series is that I can eat the same thing every week day and not tire of it. As long as I like it, I’m good, when I get tired, I switch, but I try to switch it up every week.


What did you stuff your face with this past week?!

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My Week In Food, Vol. #002, 6.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

6 Responses to "My Week In Food, Vol. #002"

  1. Ayodeji. O says:

    Hey Yetunde,

    To start off, can I just say how amazing it is to have regular posts from you again ;).
    I love this post – more so the picture of the entry, looks like some correct buka food (takes me back to when I used to buy rice and ‘designer’ stew from Tejuosho market, haha – the good times). Good to see another post featuring offal as I feel they are the uncelebrated part of an animal (whatever that means).

    Your turkey burger looks real goooood but it looks a bit naked (then I realised you wrote you like ’em plain). As with life, we find the most amazing things are those done in a simple manner (applies to food as well). No smoke and mirrors (or as my dear brother puts in – ‘I fine for face’). LOL.

    I like this series as well – my week in food. Erm, I really haven’t made anything special the past week – I’ve given up the bagel and almond butter obsession as I found myself binging on the stupid food and randomly just sticking my spoon into my tub of almond butter – WHY!!! I usually try to make pies every month or so (the filling depends on my mood) which I make in bulk, freeze and microwave (I know you’re not a fan of the little ‘wonder’) whenever I want a quick dinner paired with some vegetables.

    AND THAT TURKEY STEW MAN………dayuuuuuuuuuuuum? Do you really have to do this to us? It looks amazing, sure it tasted just as good.
    Have an amazing week ahead.

    Deji ;)

    • Yetunde says:

      Aww, you flatter me, thanks though, always and very much appreciated.

      I had to burst out laughing at buka food. Tejuosho market, to say I have no remote recollection of that area would not be an understatement, then again, I didn’t really get out much, so yeah… Ha! I love your description for offals, must use that sometime in a description ;) Glad you like the series, I’ve noticed readers really just care for recipes, but I’m trying to mix it up some.

      Lol, I do the same with peanut butter, which I eat pretty much everyday. Have you tried almond/peanut butter and sliced apples? Ah-mazing! Yeah, say no to the microwave! You know you can always re-heat on low heat in the oven? Food for thought, huh? Yup…

      Yep, the turkey stew was even better than it looks, mumsie is actually visiting and she loved it, so yay *does the happy dance* ;)

      Have an awesome week too, thanks for the kind words, you’re some kind of wonderful!

  2. kl says:

    Organic multigrain bread – did u buy or make yourself. if u made it, good job. i am been wanting to make ones of mine own..i relish the wholemeal burger bun i’ve eaten frm sandwich places tho making one is a challenge. yeh recipes r online but good to see u advocating healthy eating..i havnt seen d rest of ur blog yet but just this page. Have u got suya recipe?

    • Yetunde says:


      I bought the bread, made bread before, but never multi grain. Yup, recipes for that would abound online, lol. In my books, healthy eating can help in alleviating a world of health problems! Explore, explore!

      I do have a suya recipe, but haven’t made it in a while, others have requested it, so will get to it sometime in the early part of next year.

  3. Folakemi says:

    You two (Yetunde amd Ayodeji) oughtta co-wrie a book titled ” FOOD: A LOVE AFFAIR”! Lol. Yetunde,I peep in on your blog so often and in spite of my best intentions to try the recipes, I just can never seem to really get down to it…for some number of reasons. I’m a VERY busy,over-extended mother of one in a residency program (phew!) Also, internet access can be way erratic here in obodo, so I may not be able to follow your oh-so-lovely picture tutorials in my cook-adventure. Thinking of maybe downloading and printing the recipes I wanna try out. Three, I don’t own an oven (wait!, I actually do. One I got as a wedding gift gathering dust with the other gifts!) Because so many of your recipes bake one thing or the other, which I know is way healthier than frying. My Mom-in-law is hooked on ur blog though! So,for now..my family (which is really just my husband and I, as my son is just 8months old!) Is stuck with my plain oh-so-boring food! *sad face* But, I know one day I shall wirte you with good news! Promise. Cheers,girl. U rock

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Folakemi!

      Lol, I know right. He’s just as into food as I am, so conversations are always interesting. Busy schedule you got there, keep hanging in there! Lol, I love that you remembered you had one in hind sight, busy, busy, lol

      Aww, yay, I love too when the older generation finds the site interesting, tell her I said thank you! Aww, don’t want the hubby to be stuck with boring food now, you have to step it up for him now, heeey, get in that kitchen dear and work some magic!

      I’m eagerly looking forward to your good news! If you get stuck along the way, be sure to ask me questions!

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