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My Week In Food, Vol. #001

November 4, 2012 | 6 Comments

My Week In Food is a series that will showcase some or all of the food I cooked and/or ate throughout the week. You’re welcome to submit your week in food photos as well, just email them to submit@avartsycooking.com

These photos are actually from a few months ago. I finally uploaded them and decided to use them for the start of the new series.

Sugarcane!  – I got these from Whole Foods (an organic food store), either August/September and man, were they good! Haven’t had them in ages, ate one standing at the kitchen sink, yeah buddy,  it was gooooooood!


Banana Coconut Bread/Cake — I had a one or two bananas that were becoming too soft and decided to make banana bread. However, I was feeling all creative, so I decided to add some shredded/grated sweetened coconut, raisins and sliced almonds to it. Then, I forgot to add eggs, lol.

Without the eggs though, it came out nice and moist. I was pleasantly surprised; I kept it in covered in foil, till the last few slices, then I refrigerated it and it wasn’t just the same after, so I had to throw the remnants out. Moral: don’t put it in the fridge, just try to eat it up in a few days!

banana coconut bread

banana coconut bread

 Beans! I cooked some beans with stock fish, tried the no meat thing for a few days. Then I sprinkled some garri and granulated white sugar on the beans…yum! Please tell me you know about the sugar on beans deal?! My cousins turned me on to that in my high/secondary school days. Don’t knock it till you try it!


 What have you been stuffing your face with this past week?!

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6 Responses to "My Week In Food, Vol. #001"

  1. Ayodeji. O says:

    NEW POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaay!!!! To say I’m excited is an understatement ;)
    Good to hear from you again Yets, it’s been a bit quiet on here of recent.
    Right on to the question, what have I been stuffing my face with of recent – wholemeal bagels and almond butter; simply sensational. Other than that. as it was my birthday this weekend – I hosted some friends for a meal and made meat pies, fried rice (had bulgur wheat as an alternative as well) and an apple and blueberry crumble – delish!!! I was being all organised and taking pictures when I started out so I could add to my album on my computer but amidst all the conversations and fatigue, I just couldn’t keep up.
    Beans and sugar – that’s an ‘interesting’ combination I haven’t really come across before.
    Your cake looks nice and considering the fact that you left the eggs out leads me to ask the question, just how essential are eggs in making cakes? I know these days with the increasing dietary requirements and intolerances, people are always working their ways around certain ingredients but how different are eggless cakes to what one might assume to be the good old normal standard cake?

    • Yetunde says:

      Aww, I feel the love, thanks! *dabs corners of eyes with tissue*

      Ooh, love almond butter, however, I stopped eating bagels, after this mild paranoia that I’ll end up looking like a bagel, lol. How considerate of you to have bulgur wheat as an alternative, I bet your friends will forever cherish your friendship! Dislike blueberries, but apple crumble, I’m all there. Ha, I’m sure you got some good photos in though,
      how can you enjoy being the host if you keep taking photos?!

      I asked myself the same question too on the eggs. Eggs typically make for a lighter texture and help make it moist, but I all that without it, so yeah, I guess it becomes subjective at that point. If you care to add it, add it and if you don’t and the cake works out, good for you and if it doesn’t, I’m sure there are alternatives to eggs, and I don’t mean boxed egg substitutes.

  2. Yetunde: I have missed you o! Glad to see you blogging again … And you bet I am still waiting patiently for “The Relentless.”

    Sugar on beans? Believe me, this was the first time I ever heard of it. I will definitely try it though. On the banana bread, I don’t think I have ever used eggs with mine. I didn’t know I was supposed to *Yikes* But, it usually turns out right. Usually.

    As for the sugarcane, you better believe I am on the hunt for my own! How can I be reading that Yetunde was standing over the kitchen sink chewing away at the sugarcane and not go looking for my own? No further comments … Wait o …. This your security question cracked me up! What if folks are bad at Maths though? Chai!

    • Yetunde says:

      Heeeey! Missed you too hun! Yes, it’s done o, uploaded, just to write it out. It will be up before Thanksgiving for sure. You should definitely give it a go, not a whole lot of sugar though, just a light sprinkling. For the banana bread, oh well, so long as it turns out right, you’re good!

      Mehn, that day was something else, you’d think I had been deprived or something! I didn’t see sugarcane at WF this weekend, but I’m hoping that store just ran out.

      Lol, the spam was becoming too much o jare, had to do something! I have to answer to login too, a mess and I’m not the best at Math, so yeah, I count on my fingers too, if it’s more than a few ‘automatic’ calculation numbers, lol

      Look at you going all professional with the site design, niiice! Go you! Hope you’re on WordPress, not blogger ;)

  3. Mulika says:

    I actually had some ewa yesterday but the sugar tip I have never ever heard of. Not even from the older sister of mine who always had weird culinary food tales from boarding school to share! However, knowing how sweet the baked beans in the can is, I know it is a already tried & tested formula.

    You have me craving some sugar-cane now. Gosh, if I impulsively end up buying a ticket to Nigeria from Heathrow this month I am so blaming you ;)

    BTW, I am gearing up to giving your fried rice recipe a go but of course still need a few more days to psyche myself up!

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Mulika!

      What?! You totally need to give the sugar a go, at least once, just sprinkle a little bit on it. My cousins went to Ijanikin secondary school, so yeah, I learned that and mixing sardines with butter for a spread on bread, which I still do sometimes, lol

      Lol, I no dey o! :D Take your time, let me know it ends up turning out!

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