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Nigerian Meat Pies (Remixed!)

May 10, 2009 | 112 Comments

When I first started this blog, I told myself that one of the first recipes I would feature would be meat-pies. Some posts later, I’m now just getting to it, sue me! j/k!

Meat pies are to Nigerians what empanadas are to Mexicans and what beef patties are to the Jamaicans. I guess the main difference would be the addition of potatoes. Typically, meat pies are simply pastry, ground beef, spices and potatoes.

I for one am not a fan of flaky pastries, I just can’t stand ’em, all crumbly and sticking to your gloss/ lipstick, falling onto your clothes…you get the pic by now, no? That’s why Mr. Biggs in Nigeria still remains one of my favorite places to get chicken pies, albeit their pastry was a little harder than normal, but it didn’t flake!

Normally, I use sweet potatoes, but I decided to mix it up even more and add 100% whole wheat flour!

To learn to make meat-pies, here’s what you’ll need:

**Should make about 15 meat pies**

1 pack lean ground beef
1/4 sweet yellow onion
1 garlic clove
Ginger (size of garlic clove)
1 tbsp Goya Adobo seasoning w/ cumin
1 tsp Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning
1 tsp Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning
1.5 knorr cubes
1 tsp ground red pepper
1 m sweet potato
2 cups unbleached white flour
1.5 cups whole wheat flour
2.5 sticks butter
1 egg (for glazing)
1/2 cup cold water
1/4 tsp salt
Olive oil

1. Peel sweet potato. Put in pot and cover with water. Boil till very soft.

2. Dice garlic, ginger and onions. In a fry pan, add 2 tbsps olive oil. Fry garlic/ginger/onions till fragrant (about 2 minutes) on medium heat. Add ground beef. Mash and add seasonings. Continue to cook on medium heat for 10-15 minutes.

3. If sweet potato is done, cut into 5 slices. Add to cooking beef. Using a potato masher, mash mixture together thoroughly. Stir and reduce heat to low. Let simmer 5 more minutes, then turn off heat.

4. In a deep, large bowl, add flour. Cut butter sticks into cubes. Work each butter cube into flour (till you get a crumbly mix). Add 1/4 tsp salt, stir.

5. Add 2 tbsps of water at a time and knead dough (till it forms a ball). *If dough is sticky, sprinkle some flour and knead some more*.

6. Divide dough into four parts. Using a rolling pin (or wine bottle), roll dough (not too thick and not too thin). Using a circular object (I used the cover of my smallest pot), cut out circles. Add meat mixture to center of dough using a tablespoon (be generous).

7. Have a small bowl filled with water for sealing. Dip one finger in water and swipe inner lower half of dough. Flip other over mixture and press edges together with your fingers. Repeat with rest of dough and meat mixture. Once done, break egg, whisk and brush over dough.

8. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Reduce oven temp to 350 degrees. Bake till top is golden brown (about 30 minutes).

Some like to use a fork to press the edges, creating a pattern, but it’s so typical of Nigerian meat-pies and since this is my remixed version, I decided to do otherwise. You can also use a sharp knife to slice the top of the dough to release pressure or use a fork to poke, totally up to you, though not very necessary in my opinion.

Even though I used wheat flour, it was barely detectable and super yummy too! If you’re not feeling the wheat flour, by all means, use white.

There will be some oil in the pan from the meat, but not to worry, once you turn off the heat, it will be absorbed right back into the mixture, so don’t drain it, otherwise your meat-pies will be dry on the inside and that’s a recipe for hiccups with all that dough!

My original intention was to make heart-shaped meat pies with it being Mothers Day and all, but I couldn’t find heart shaped pastry cutters for the life of me (well, I only checked one store, but they should have had it!) and I didn’t want to go through the hassle of hand cutting the pastry into hearts, so I just made ’em regular.

If you want to make them heart shaped, you will need two sets of the heart shaped pastry, one to hold the filling and the other to seal and cover. If and when I do get the cutters, I’ll make this again. In the meantime…


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Nigerian Meat Pies (Remixed!), 7.1 out of 10 based on 55 ratings

112 Responses to "Nigerian Meat Pies (Remixed!)"

  1. Ada says:

    You meat pie looks superb! I prefer chicken pie though. What about using only wheat flour, will it appear the same as white flour?
    You have got ice recipes. Good job!

    • Yetunde says:

      Hi Ada!

      I like chicken pie too, but only like it if it’s from Mr.Biggs, so no chicken pie for me lol. If you use only wheat flour, the dough/pastry will appear light to medium brown since that is the actual color of wheat flour.

      Thank You! Hope to see you around more :)

      • Abdul says:

        Wow. I stumbled upon your website and I cant help but think that you deserve a national award. Seriously, you have put Nigeria on the cuisine world map. I am based in USA but my blood is green (extremely Nigerian)!
        I appreciate all your effort and hope that you’ll never get tired of the thankless favors you are doing.
        Have you considered advertising/advertising on your website?
        Olorun maa toju re.

        • Yetunde says:

          Hey Abdul!

          Aww, thank you SO much! I try, I try, what else can I say without tooting my own horn ;)

          9ja for life I see, nothing do you! Get tired? Nah! As long as God is my strength, I’ll be good!

          I have advertising, its not yet as relevant as I would like. Its getting there though ;) I’m open to ideas though, just email me!

          Amin o!

    • Tolu says:

      I tried the recipe with only whole wheat flour…..came out perfect!
      Made some more today…..with WWF and margarine…let’s just say i won’t doing that again….sigh!

      • Yetunde says:

        Hey Tolu!

        Niice! What went wrong with that?

        • Tolu says:

          I used frozen margarine sticks as I did with the butter. I should have known something was amiss when the dough felt very grainy. Then came time to fill and the dough just wouldn’t hold up. Finally, when it came out of the oven, it tasted great but it just crumbled up at the first bite! Urrgh!

          A friend suggested i use room temp margarine instead. Perhaps i’ll try that. Meanwhile, i wanted to upload pics of my first whole-wheat meat-pie. How do I do that?

          Many thanks!

          • Yetunde says:

            Hey Tolu!

            Hmm, it shouldn’t have felt grainy and if it did, butter shouldn’t be the culprit. Perhaps it wasn’t kneaded enough? I usually let the butter sit out for a few minutes before using it, so it’s not entirely at room temperature, instead it’s somewhere in-between fresh out the fridge and room temperature, so kind of semi-solid.

            I would love to see your pics and share! You can send them to me: submit@avartsycooking.com, tell a little story on your making it and I’ll post!

            Looking forward to seeing and sharing! :)

  2. anonymous says:

    Can you please give Nigerian fish pie recipe?Thanks a bunch!!!

    • Yetunde says:

      Hi Anon!

      I actually thought about that not too long ago, so will add it to my list.

      Stay tuned! ;)

  3. Ada says:

    I am back again! I actually want to know which pan is better for baking bread. Glass or metal pan? Please give me reasons for choosing any. Thank you.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Ada!

      Where ya been huh?! For baking bread, I’d totally recommend metal. Typically, when one refers to a ‘baking pan,’ it means metal, but when you refer to a ‘baking dish,’ it means glass. I would only baking dishes (glass) for things like brownies, cornbread, casseroles and potato like dishes. Glass takes longer to heat up and longer to cool down, while metal heats up quickly and cools down quickly as well. Plus, baking dishes don’t come in larger sizes.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Ada says:

    More so, have you tried banana bread? If you have, may I please know your recipes. Thank you again.

    • Yetunde says:

      Yup, I have a recipe for banana bread http://www.avartsycooking.com/2009/03/banana-bread/ . I should have a different version up sometime in the near future ;)

      • Ada says:

        My banana bread is very heavy. what could be the cause? Is there not a way to make it come out as light as normal bread or some kinds of cake?

        • Yetunde says:

          I’ve made banana bread a few times and it’s not been as fluffy as bread. However, sometimes when the flour is added to the mashed bananas and mixed a bit too much, the result usually comes out small and dense. Try mixing the flour into the bananas just enough till the flour is absorbed. Also, bananas that are usually overripe are best are they are more moist.

          I was told a while back that adding plain yogurt can make it lighter, but I’ve never tried that before, so I can’t vouch for it. I’ll play around with that and see how it works.

  5. Ada says:

    Which store do you buy your bean flour? The food stores here do not have it.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Ada,

      I get bean flour from the African food stores. Some Hispanic food stores that also sell African food produce might have it as well. You could also try doing a google search with the product name to see what online stores come up.

      Hope that helps!

  6. Ada says:

    Your seasonal fan is back again; lol!! What about adding milk to chin chin? I do not see milk on your chin chin recipe.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey lady!

      Lol! Milk isn’t necessary for chin chin as the main binding agent is the egg. Adding milk will make a softer dough which will probably equal soft chin chin when it should be crunchy.

  7. TINUKE AKIN says:

    I realy luv ur site kip up thy good workkkkkkk. pls i want to ask if i can make use of wheat flour to make chin chin and pls where can i cinnamon.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hi Tinuke!

      Thanks so much! I’ve never used wheat flour to make chin chin and can’t recommend it as I don’t know what kind of results you’d get with it, so I’d just stick with plain flour. Large supermarkets like Park n Shop or supermarkets that cater to bakers might have it.

      Hope that helps :)

  8. ify1 says:

    i luv it,keep it up

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Ify!

      Glad you’re loving it! ;)

  9. Lola says:

    i just found this site and am loving it. i love cooking and making snacks for my family but you just taught me how to make a better meatpie. thank you, will visit often for more updates.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Lola!

      Yay! Glad you found the site and are enjoying it! Yay for better meat pies too :)

      Hope to see you around more!

  10. Ginger says:

    I bought this ready made pastry pack (yeah, I’m lazy like that lol!) and having been dying to make meat pies -naija stylee but wasnt sure of the recpe. Once I saw Nigerian egg roll on Sting’s blogroll I knew i’ll find my recipe (plus jara chicken pie ati puff puff) :).
    Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely bookmarking this page..

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey lady!

      Lol, omg, I can’t believe you used pre-made pastry! How did it turn out? Did you take photos, I’d love to see?!

      You’re welcome! Bookmark away, will be back with more recipes soon!

      Hope to see you around more!

  11. J says:


    • Yetunde says:

      Hey J!

      Thank you! Glad you love it! Gosh, I’m not sure how else to make meat pies without an oven and making it on the stove won’t really work as you need enclosed/trapped heat as in an oven. You could try purchasing one of those portable ovens/toasters as that might be the only viable option at this point.

      Hope that helps!

  12. amaka says:

    Yets dear.I feel lik makin dese pix come to life.how do I get a soft dough?mine turned out hard n diffy to roll. My muscles got as big as tyson s durin d kneading.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey lady!

      Lol, to get a soft dough, you have to be careful about how much flour you’re adding. If it’s the exact amount called for in the recipe, also make sure that when you’re dusting your rolling board and pin, you’re not adding more flour than necessary. You can always try adding more butter in small increments to see if that makes the dough softer.

      Hope that helps!

  13. OGHENERUME says:

    Please ma, where does the ground pepper come in?

    • Yetunde says:

      The ground pepper is for seasoning the ground beef/minced meat.

      Please stop with the ma, I’m still in my twenties :) don’t make me feel old!

  14. OGHENERUME says:

    Ok, sorry please. i stop from now on. its just that you ve such a great wealth of experience that i jus feel you got to be old. sorry again ok, please don take it to heart. and i really do appreciate all your help and replies… happy month of july

    • Yetunde says:

      Oh no, I’m not upset, not at all, it’s funny to me, but at the same time, I don’t want folks thinking I’m this old madam, you know ;)

      Ask away… I don’t mind answering questions!

      Happy month of July to you too :)

  15. amaka says:

    hi yet,is one cup of flour like peak milk cup,u know d ones used to measure stuff @naija markets?

  16. onyi says:

    long tym I luv ur recipes but wat if I cant get ground beef or chicken wat do I do.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Onyi!

      You can make your own! Just boil chicken or meat till very, very soft, remove meat from bones and chop up into small, tiny pieces, mash up with potatoes and there you have it!

      Hope that helps!

  17. onyi says:

    do you know how to make small chops. I’l really luv the recipe

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey lady!

      You know, anytime I think of small chops, I think of snacks. Is it something entirely different? If so, can you describe it?

  18. Bamidele-Ogunkanmi says:

    hi yetunde thanks for bringing this blog to all women . i am based in the uk have being looking for mrs dash chipotole seasoning but i cant find it is there anyother name for it .or what else can i put apart from mrs dash chipotole seasoning.

    • Yetunde says:

      Aww, you’re more than welcome! I’m glad to be helping!!

      Have you tried looking online for it? Try Amazon UK’s website :) If not, knorr cubes by itself with some ground red pepper will work just fine.

      • Bamidele-Ogunkanmi says:

        thanks yetunde i will give it a try

        • Yetunde says:

          You’re welcome! Keep me posted!

  19. Bamidele-Ogunkanmi says:

    hi yetunde ,
    Am i going to add the knorr cube to the groundpepper and mix it together. and how many knorr cubes

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey you!

      You’d the 1.5 knorr cubes and the ground red pepper to the ground beef and mix together.

      • Bamidele-Ogunkanmi says:

        thanks i will keep in touch but i dont understand this your 1.5 etc .

        • Yetunde says:

          My bad, 1.5 simply means 1 whole knorr cube, which comes in a pack of twos, and half of one, which is 1 cube from the pack of two, does that make sense? Or, if you prefer, you can use maggi cubes instead, since those are single. In that case, you would then use 3 cubes of maggi.

          Hope that makes better sense now! Keep me posted!

          • Bamidele-Ogunkanmi says:

            yes it does thanks get back to you soon

          • Yetunde says:

            Good to know and good luck with the recipe!


    hi yetunde, whenever am rolling the dough of meatpie is always too thick, then if am putting it in the cutter when am pressing it together is always tearing or leaving a space . i will end up throwing the mixure away . please what can i do with the dough.


    sorry i forgot to put this or whenever i rolling it to thin is always tearing or leaving space when am pressing it together

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey you!

      If the dough is tearing when you roll it out thinly, it probably means it was rolled about too thin to handle to filling. If it’s leaving a space, it could also mean that there is something off in your measurements for your dough ingredients, perhaps more flour than butter. Also, when you’re rolling the dough out, be sure not to use too much flour when flouring the surface of your board or rolling pin as that is a very easy way to add more flour than is needed.

      To get the right thickness, see steps #19 and #22 in the Chicken Pie recipe or you could even follow the dough directions on that recipe as it’s more detailed than the meat pie recipe, which will be updated at a later date.

      Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes…

  22. Fifi says:

    Hi. Soooooo happy I found your website. I make a lot of the snacks described regularly already, but you’ve just shown me other ways to make them. I love dt you used wholewheat flour also…i do try to use it in my meat pies sometimes (my husband doesn’t like it when I do lol!!).
    Anyways I use eggs in my dough normally for meat pies, but I see you don’t can I ask why??

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Fifi!

      Yay! I’m happy you found the site too! If you mix the whole wheat flour with plain white flour and not tell him, he might not even know! I never found eggs to be a necessary ingredient in making my dough. I imagine it would make the dough more nutritious because eggs are protein, but I just don’t see the need for it. It’s an optional ingredient in my books.

      Hope that helps!

  23. Tolu says:

    I made meat-pie for the first time using your recipe and sadly……it’s all gone now!
    I took pictures…
    I’m anti-white flour so I used only whole wheat flour. It turned out perfect. My preschooler has developed a sudden love for meat-pie. U see wetin you cause??
    I tried your chin-chin too….with whole wheat flour only……sadly, all gone too.
    I’m feeling like the little engine who could.

    Thank you most kindly.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Tolu!

      Aww, yay! Having everything devoured is always a good sign! I want to see pictures!! Email them to me and I’ll feature it! Wheat flour is always a good substitute. Chin chin with wheat flour?! Photos? Please send!!

      Keep chug-chug-chugging along ;)

      You’re most very welcome indeed!

  24. Allen L.N says:

    just here 4d very 1st time n it was in search of meat pie bakin method dat i visited. U’re gr8 i’ve ben thru all testimonies here n i cant wait 2 practis mine 2. Definintly 2mrw i’ll try wt all purpose flour n d result, i’ll relate 2 u. Pls keep d gud job goin n ur blssins wil knw no boundaries in Jesus Name Amen! Tekia till den.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Allen!

      Aww, thank you! Amen and amen! Let me know how it goes when you make the meat pies!

  25. Allen L.N says:

    Yetunde dear,
    Pls wot measurement on scale is 2.5 sticks butter?.
    Tnx Allen.

    • Yetunde says:

      – 2.5 sticks of butter is roughly equivalent to 8.5 ounces or 241 grams or 17 tablespoons.

      Hope that helps!

  26. Lala says:

    Hey girl!…I tried this recipe with 100% whole wheat flour and it was so good!!!!…Thanks a lot, your website is such a big help.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Lala!

      Niiice! Pics, pics!! I want to see! :))

      Thank you!

  27. adekemi aiyelabola says:


    Thanks for this recipe, its a great one. How can I use this recipe for fish pie and what type of fish can I use?

    Many thanks for your on-going support

    • Yetunde says:

      Hi Kemi!

      You’re welcome! The main thing that would remain the same for fish pies will be the dough and for the type of fish, I prefer a stronger smelling fish, so say, titus.

      I saw your request, so many people have requested fish pies, I promise to get on it in January! Thank YOU for your support!

  28. Kim G. says:

    Hey Yetunde! I want to first say how great this recipe tastes. The pastry part of the meat pie is different than any that I have ever had. I have a quick question though. What is the difference between bleached flour and unbleached flour. I only bleached flour in the pantry. Will it taste any different?

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Kim!

      Awesome! Glad you liked it! All purpose flour can be broken down into two categories: bleached and unbleached flour. Bleached flour is flour that involves the use of bleaching agents or chemicals to make it whiter and finer. Flour tends to bleach naturally as it ages, but manufacturers cut through that step by bleaching the flour.

      Unbleached flour on the other hand, is flour that is allowed to bleach naturally over time without using any bleaching agents. Unbleached flour tends to have more protein and gluten than bleached flour. There are slight differences between both types, but it’s mostly cosmetic and nothing that will affect taste.

      Hope that helps!

  29. K.Uzoigwe says:


    Thanks so much for this recipe! I’m American (white) born and raised but through college I meet alot of west African friends and fell in love with the culture. I’m now married to an Igbo man who says tonight “wow sweetheart you don try for this one, Chai!”. I followed your directions for dough as in Chicken Pies, left out the garlic because he can’t stand the stuff, and it turned out amazing! Here in Dominican Republic it’s hard to find authentic ingredients for 9ja dishes, but this was simple and made him feel almost homesick for Lagos street hawkers lol. Many thanks! Also made your Asaro and Egusi soup recipes and he loves them both :)

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey K!

      Aww, how awesome! Yeah, if he said ‘chai,’ you got him there! ;) Amazing! I’m just glad to be of help!

      If you try out any more recipes and have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

      • K.Uzoigwe says:

        thank you madam, I’m a visual learner and the way you have this website set up is just perfect! Thanks for sharing your genius with me. He requested I make another dozen pies to freeze for his lunches at work lol, so I guess I’ve got leverage now “omo if you fit buy me these shoes I saw, I go make you meat pie!” haha thanks again. Blessings.

        • Yetunde says:

          Me? Madam?! Noo! I’m only 28, don’t yet classify as madam o! ;)

          Thank you, thank you! Glad you’re finding the site helpful. Girl, you most definitely got him! Use your leverage for sure!

          You’re very welcome :)

  30. imi says:

    evein lady i love work so much pls keep it up.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Imi!

      Thanks :) Will do!

  31. Tope says:

    Hi , what can I do to make my meat pie to be brownish on top.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Tope!

      The trick to making meat pies golden brown on their tops is to brush them with eggs. Just break 1 or 2 eggs in a bowl and whisk with a fork, then brush generously over the pies before they go in the oven.

      It’s really the egg yolk that gives that lovely color, so conversely, you could separate the whites from the yolk and use the yolk alone to brush over the top of the pies.

      Hope that helps!

  32. Nwanne says:

    Hi Yetunde. Please what is a pack of ground beef in kilograms? Great job you’re doing! Will you marry my brother?

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Nwanne! (I love your name!)

      A pack of beef usually runs anywhere from 1-7 pounds. A smaller pack, as used in the recipe is 1 pound and the equivalent of that in kilograms is 0.45 and a 2 pound pack would be 0.95 kilograms.

      Hope that helps!

  33. mary says:

    if i use margarine instead of butter will there be any difference?

    • Yetunde says:

      Hi Mary!

      Using margarine instead of butter is just fine. You won’t detect any major noticeable differences, butter is made from cream and margarine is made from oils, so it really boils down to a matter of personal preference, and will not affect the outcome of your meat pies in any significant way.

      Hope that helps!

  34. Gbenga'sBrownEyedGirl says:

    Wow! What a godsend! I am an African American woman married to a Nigerian. I visited with family here in the US only to find out that my mother in law has been bragging about how well I cook nigerian food! The pressure! I have my own way of doing things at home, but since I was traveling I thought I’d better check online just to compare recipes. My son said he’d love me to make some meat pies! When I saw your recipe mention Mr. Biggs I knew I’d come to the right place. All the best!

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Gbenga’s girl!

      Lol, I love your name! Good for you that she has been bragging about your Nigerian cooking skills, that’s always a plus from a Nigerian mother in law. Keep me posted on how your meat pies turn out! ;)

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  36. Henry Akande says:

    I am a beginner and i really love your site but what is confusing is this your 1.5 of a thing most especially in the case of wheat flour. can you pls make it clear in kilograms. thanks a lot and keep it up. we love and appreciate what you are doing here in niaja

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Henry!

      Beginners are especially welcome! I use US measurements in my recipes and do plan to break it down further for international readers in the future. In the interim, 1.5 cups would be about 0.19 kilograms and 2 cups would be 0.25 kilograms as 1 cup of flour is about 0.125kg.

      Total flour amount needed (both white and wheat) would be about 0.44kg.

      Hope that helps!

  37. Yvonne D says:

    Hi ya,
    Thanks so much for this site, you are Godsent as it has helped me so much. Its easy to follow and my meals always come out lovely when i follow your recipe. I want to make this meat pie soon but i have never heard of this seasoning before. Is there an alternative pls. Keep up the good work darl, God bless u.


    1 tbsp Goya Adobo seasoning w/ cumin
    1 tsp Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning
    1 tsp Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle seasoning

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Yvonne!

      Thank you so much! I’ve stopped using those ingredients as readers were finding them hard to find. You can simply leave them out (they are just all purpose seasonings with slight variations) and use Knorr cubes. The main base for all those seasonings is salt, which is the same primary base for Knorr or Maggi.

      Hope that helps!

  38. Luminary says:

    This recipe is epic, thanks a lot for sharing ….:)

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Luminary!

      Thank you! :) and you’re welcome!

  39. Nneka says:

    Hi Yetunde,

    Thanks so much for this recipe. I’m looking to make some meat pies very soon, can you please confirm the equivalent grams for 2.5 sticks of butter?

    Thanks – Nneka

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Nneka!

      For the butter, 2.5 sticks would be roughly equivalent to 1.25 cups, 8.5 ounces or 241 grams or 17 tablespoons.

      Hope that helps!

  40. bolanle says:

    I discovered dis site yesterday and i’ve tried d puffpuff but it wasn’t round like d ones sold by d road-side. SECONDLY, can i use my oven tray or wired rack to bake d meat-pie? what do u suggest? Pls ur response is needed urgently. Y don’t u av recipes 4 cake. I really want 2 bake 4 me and my fiancee’s birthday which falls on d same week of next month. Pls do something Yetty. I know u can help.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Bolanle!

      Welcome to our community! The roundness of the puff puff usually comes from the way it is put in the oil. Perhaps you just need to perfect your technique! If you read through the puff puff recipe, I gave some tips!

      I don’t have a sweet tooth, so I don’t bake sweet treats as such. Lots of readers have been asking for cake recipes, so I’ll try to make it a priority, though I can’t make any promises. There is already a cake recipe here: http://www.avartsycooking.com/2009/04/coconut-fruit-cake/

      Let me know if you have other questions!

  41. Andy Aden says:

    Hi Yetunde,

    I want to make some fish pie like we used to get in 9ja

    Is Mackerel best or tinned sardine?


    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Andy!

      I would go with Mackarel instead of tinned sardines. Better yet, if you can find fresh sardines, that might be better, to give it that fishy smell/taste so reminiscent of naija fish pies.

  42. Labisi says:

    Yetty mama… I hope you don’t mind me calling you that. That’s what we call my sister :)
    Alright, I just love your site so much and I want to say thank you for the effort you put into it.
    I finally got the courage to make meat pie after so many failed attempts. And just like your bread recipe, this is an absolute winner. It came out so good that the only problem I had was that it was gone in less than 30min. I am not exaggerating, my people did not even wait for it to cool down… lol.
    Thank you so much again and more “grace” to your elbow.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Labisi!

      Not at all, my sisters call me that, so I’m used to being called that! You’re most welcome, I’m glad that my efforts are appreciated.

      Yay for the meat pie turning out well and being eaten so quickly, that’s always a plus.

      Amen to that!

  43. dele says:

    how can i use a gas oven to bake chin-chin

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Dele!

      I don’t think a gas oven will work to make chin chin. A reader did mention how she made it work in the comments of this post. If you read through the comments, you will find it. Otherwise, it didn’t work for me, so perhaps her suggestion will.

      Hope that helps!

  44. Ugo says:

    Yetunde. Long time. Hope all is well. I normally use bleached all purpose flour for the pastry for meat pie. I bought unbleached flour by mistake. Can I use that for similar results?

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Ugo!

      Long time indeed! All is well, just caught in the holidays is all :) You can use unbleached flour in place of bleached. The main difference between the two is that bleached flour is chemically altered and has less protein than unbleached.

      Your results should be fine, I wouldn’t worry about it.

      • UGo says:

        Ok. Thanks dear

  45. Olabisi says:

    Madam Yetty, i’m a starter nd loves ur recipes. Pls, do u think my meatpies would turn out wel if i use a tighty covered pot nd a stove or cooking gas cos i dnt av an oven nd pls, wher do i point my arrow when setin my scale.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Olabisi!

      You’re most welcome to our community! Starter or not, we’re just at different stages of learning. You could try steaming it like you would with moi moi, one layer of water underneath and the top layer would hold the pies. However, to make the dough, you’d need slightly different ingredients of yeast, baking powder, oil, water, tiny bit of sugar and flour.

      You gave me a recipe to add to my list, thanks! ;)

      It depends on your scale settings, put a small pot of water on the stove and turn to the left, right and center to gauge where the highest and lowest settings are.

      Hope that helps!

  46. Olabisi says:

    Thnx 4 being so helpful, bt seems u dnt get my 2nd questn on setin scales. D scale i bought is a smal plastic one nd i dnt knw whr exactly d arrow is meant 2 point 2 initially even b4 placin anythin on it

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey there,

      Lol, not sure how I misunderstood that, sorry! Since you mentioned an arrow, I’m assuming that you have a manual scale with a dial. Manual scales don’t auto calibrate unlike digital scales, so before you use your manual scale, you’ll want to calibrate it so it can set itself to zero without factoring the weight of your bowl. To calibrate, there should be a small dial on the back of the scale (if not on the back, look on the side), turn this until the dial hand returns to zero. Zero should be in the middle, where 12 o’clock would be.

      Hope that answers it!

  47. Kosi says:

    Need the measurement for a family of seven.

    • Yetunde says:

      Hi Kosi!

      You’d just have to double or triple the ingredients as needed, depending on the quantity you plan to make.

  48. iwari says:

    hello i want to try the chicken and meat ppies today. Hopefully you can answer my question. What do you mean by 2.5 sticks of butter. does it simple mean 2.5 spoons of butter?

    • Yetunde says:

      Hey Iwari!

      For the butter, 2.5 sticks would be roughly equivalent to 1.25 cups, 8.5 ounces or 241 grams or 17 tablespoons.

      Hope that helps! Keep me posted on how it turns out

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